How to take pictures of your butterflies and the butterfly release

Butterflies are not able to fly when they are cooled.  By placing a few of the envelopes with the butterflies inside  into the warmest part of the refrigerator (for 10 to15 minutes) or into a cooler with ice packs, you will be cooling them down.

Once they are cooled, remove and open the envelope.

Carefully grab the butterfly with it’s wings closed and place it where you would like it to pose.

The photographer will have about 1 minute to take pictures before the butterfly becomes too active.

You can place the butterflies on the dress, in the hands, on the hair, etc.

Try to take pictures in a protected area.  If inside, try to avoid rooms with high ceilings

If outside, choose a location out of the wind.  If it is in a sunny location, the butterfly will warm up faster.

When you see the butterfly become more active, grab the butterfly with it’s wings closed and return it to it’s envelope.

Place it back into the cooler or refrigerator to cool it back down.  You can continue to take pictures by rotating the butterflies.

Make sure you inform your photographer that you will be taking pictures so they are prepared.  If they have never photographed butterflies before, have them call or email us and we would be happy to discuss with them the best way to take the photos.

Once you have taken all of the close up pictures with your butterflies, you can use them along with the other butterflies for the butterfly release.

Taking picture of the release

You will only have one chance to take the picture of the release.  Since it is hard for your photographer to be in all locations at once, you can ask some of the guests attending if they would be willing to take pictures of different angles during the release.

We would love to see your butterfly pictures.  Send your butterfly pictures to and tell us how your release went.  With your photographers and your permission, we will post them onto our website.