How your Butterflies are Packed and Shipped


Your butterflies are shipped to arrive the day before your event.

  • We do not advise they be shipped to arrive the day of the event, in case they are late or lost.
  • For Sunday events, we suggest the butterflies arrive on Friday because if the butterflies are lost for a Saturday delivery, you will not receive them until Monday.
  • Some locations do not have a Saturday delivery.

Shipping process

Your butterflies are carefully placed into an envelope. This protects each butterfly and their wings assuring that they arrive in perfect shape for your event.

The envelopes are then packed securely into a small box to prevent movement or damage to the butterflies during shipping.
We then add tissue paper to secure the envelopes in place.

Your butterflies are packed into an insulated box with an ice pack to keep them cool.


They are packed this way to protect them during shipment. This does not harm them. It only puts them into a partial hibernation so they are fresh and ready for your event.  The ice pack is placed at the bottom of the insulated box. The small box containing the butterflies is inserted on top of the ice pack in the insulated box.


Instructions and any other information will be placed on top of the insulation panel, underneath the box flaps.



Even though we have instructions included, we encourage customers to call if they ever have any questions.

The box is securely taped closed and is now ready for shipping.

They are shipped overnight next day by either UPS or FedEx to arrive at your doorstep the next morning.  Most packages will be delivered by 10:30 am.  You will receive an email from the shipping company with the tracking information.



Because the delivery driver may deliver to the wrong address and/or place the butterflies in an unusual spot, and you aren’t able to find them, it is important that you call us within 1 hour of your delivery deadline if your butterflies do not arrive on time or there are problems!! This will give us time to find the butterflies before it is too late.

If we are notified too late, we do not have time to contact UPS/FedEx and you will not get your butterflies.

Wish Upon A Butterfly ships thousands of butterflies safely across the United States each year to many happy customers.
Wish Upon A Butterfly™ takes great care in packing your butterflies so you do not have to worry.  We encourage you to call or email us so we can answer any and all your questions.

Our Guarantee – We guarantee that your butterflies will arrive alive.  We always include extras for the rare times that something may happen and to ensure you have the amount you ordered.  You must call within one hour of the delivery if there are any problems or else the guarantee is void.  You may be asked to return any dead butterflies to get a refund so keep all packaging.

Plan to have someone there when the butterflies arrive or have someone available to be able to check within the hour to make sure they are delivered and able to properly cared for.