Butterfly Release in Honor of Heidi Lynn Seeman

On August 4, 1990 a beautiful young girl by the name of Heidi Lynn Seeman was abducted and touched the hearts of San Antonio, TX and eventually throughout the United States. Her body was found nearly 70 miles away from her house on the 25th of August 1990. When she disappeared, she was 11 years old. On August 4, 2010, we celebrated her anniversary of 20 years instead of mourning her. I got the honor of knowing her and even being one of her best friends, so many years ago. So, in memory of Heidi, her mom, dad, family, friends and the Hays County Sheriff’s Department, released these beautiful butterflies in her honor. I believe that if Heidi came back into this world as anything else, she came back as a butterfly! Today, she flies with each of us and reminds us daily, how precious life really is. The butterfly release took place where her body was found and amazingly enough, it was very peaceful and rather perfect, also very healing! Many thanks go to Wish Upon a Butterfly and all the people who helped put this together… she will never be forgotten and her memory carries through us every day!