Butterfly Bouquets

“You’ve said it with Flowers…now say more with Butterflies!”

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Garden Bouquets

Plants are carefully selected to create a beautiful mini garden with TTlive butterflies. A special perennial is included and can be planted outdoors to continue to attract butterflies year after year.



Fresh cut flowers are beautifully arranged inside a charming outdoor lantern. Each lantern arrangement comes complete with live Painted Lady and/or Monarch Butterflies. The lantern is then adorned with a lovely matching bow to top off the gorgeous display.


Basket Bouquets

A beautiful arrangement of fresh cut flowers in a basket featuring painted lady, monarch, swallowtail or mourning cloak butterflies.


Sympathy Arrangements

 Send a Butterfly Bouquet as your next Sympathy Arrangement: The family can release the butterflies at a graveside service in memory of their loved one.

“What the Caterpillar calls the end of the world, the Master calls a Butterfly”. ~Richard Bach




Serving Lawrence, Mercer, Butler, Beaver counties in PA and Mahoning County OH.