Fundraisers and Charities Guidelines

Guidelines for Fundraisers/Charities for 2023

  • Highest expected count must be placed at least 6 weeks before ship/pick up date to qualify for discounted pricing
  • Final count is due 4 weeks before ship date.
  • Monarch butterflies will no longer be discounted for ship/pick up dates before June 18th, 2023. 
  • Painted Lady butterflies are available for discount for fundraisers all year long as long as all guidelines are met and weather conditions are suitable.
  • We are sorry to say, but we will no longer be discounting orders less than 100 butterflies. 
  • As always, since we raise our own butterflies we have made every effort to fill orders based on requested butterfly, however due to unforeseen circumstances of mother nature that are beyond our control this is not always possible.  We reserve the right to replace butterflies for fundraisers/charities with equal valued butterflies in the event that there is a shortage.  As always, we will still make every effort to fill orders for as specified.  NOTE:  If you do not want to take the chance on us replacing butterflies and/or only want a specific species, in the event we may have to order in butterflies, you must order at retail prices. Retail prices are Monarchs $95 a dozen and Painted Ladies $50 per dozen. 

Payments MUST arrive at our facility no later than 2 weeks before ship/pick up date.  We are extremely busy during the summer months and are not always able to contact to check on payment status. In order to keep our wholesale pricing effective, it will be your responsibility to check on payment status. If payment is not received on time, the order is considered canceled and butterflies will be sold to other requests.  Once the order has been canceled, all discounts will be removed and butterflies will only be available at retail pricing, if any are still available. This will be strictly enforced for all wholesale orders.

Important:  Once the butterflies are shipped, we require the customer to monitor the progress of their shipment.  If there are issues, they are to contact us within one hour of the guaranteed time shipment is to be delivered.  Failure to do so voids any guarantees with Wish Upon A Butterfly.  Wish Upon A Butterfly will not be held liable in the event butterflies do not arrive due to weather or mechanical failure.    

Monarchs/Red Admirals (premiums) –
100+  –    discount price $5.50* each plus shipping

Painted Ladies –
100+  –     discount price $2.50* each plus shipping

Shipping is tentatively $45  We have kept the shipping the same, but that is tentative depending on what UPS does.  If prices do increase, we don’t anticipate it going up any higher than $5.