What to do the day of your butterfly release

There are two ways to release your butterflies

Monarch butterfly on release envelope


Bride and Groom releasing butterflies from a mass release box

Mass Release

Mass Release

Your butterflies will need to be transferred into the butterfly release box the day of the event. They are not shipped already in the release box because there is no way to secure them safely during shipping. You can transfer the butterflies any time that morning, but at least 1 hour before the release time, to ensure they are warm enough when they are released.

Continue until all butterflies are transferred into the release box. Note: You may want to reserve a few for pictures* (see How to Take Pictures of your Butterflies).

If the butterflies become too active during transferring, you can place the envelopes and the butterfly release box into the refrigerator for 10 minutes to cool them, then take out of the refrigerator and start to transfer again.

Once all the butterflies are transferred, place the release box in a cool area out of the sun.

Display Release Box

If you are using your release box as a display, only transfer enough butterflies to make a nice display. Transfer the rest of the butterflies into the display release box when you are done displaying and ready to release.
If you are not using a display release box for display, cover it with a dark cloth to keep butterflies calm until you are ready to release.

Releasing the Butterflies from a Mass Release Box

Make sure the butterflies are warmed up before the release.  Do not place them in the sun to warm up or next to heat  You want your butterflies to warm up naturally.

When it is time to do the release, take the lid off the box.

Note: Not all the butterflies will fly out.  For those butterflies that are not ready to fly, you can wait to let them fly when they are ready or…..

Turn box sideways and gently use your hand to encourage them to fly.

Monarch butterflies in an origami release box for display

Do not tap box

Do not dump the butterflies out







Accordion Release Box

An accordion release box has the butterflies already packed and ready to release (after the appropriate amount of time has been given to them to warm up).  The butterflies are packed in between the folds of a ribbon.  Open the box and the ribbon will pull the butterflies out.

Individual Release

At least one hour before the release, remove the butterflies from the insulated box, off of the ice packs.  This will ensure they will be warmed up and ready to fly.

Do not place the butterflies in the sun or next to a heating unit.  You do not want your butterflies to get too hot.   Let the butterflies warm up naturally.

Instruct the guests that there are butterflies inside and to hold gently.

You may want to read  the Indian Legend or read a poem right before the release.   Remember to cue the guests when they are to release the butterflies.

Some butterflies will fly and some will be happy to sit for awhile and some will fly to flowers or other guests.  This is what makes a butterfly release so special, you get a variety of effects.

Enjoy the butterflies and the release.

If you have any questions, please contact Wish Upon A Butterfly. We will be happy to answer any and all questions anytime.