What to do when your butterflies arrive

A s soon as your butterflies arrive, you want to confirm that the butterflies arrived safely.  Open the box.

Read the instructions.  If you have any questions, please call.

Then take random butterfly envelopes (about 2 to 6 envelopes depending on how many you ordered) and….

Listen to the envelope for movement.



Do not be alarmed if you do not hear any movement.

Remember, your butterflies are cooled and they may not be moving. If you hear no movement, gently open the envelope. You will see their wings start to move. They are fine.  Close the envelopes back up and ……

Place the envelopes back into the box.  Pack the tissue paper back into the box carefully and close box back up just like when you received it.

N ow, remove ice packs inside of the insulated box and place in freezer to refreeze it.

Replace the ice pack with another ice pack or you can use a Ziploc with ice cubes.  Be careful that the Ziploc does not leak.

O nce you have replaced the ice packs inside of the insulated box, place the box of butterflies back into the insulated box then…

Close the box back up.


Do not place the box in the sun!!!  Make sure that it is kept out of the sun in a cool spot.

That is all there is to do.

Y our butterflies will be fine until the next day for your event.
If you have any questions at any time, Please! Call Wish Upon A Butterfly™ so that we can assist you in any way.
724-651-7496 or email butterflies@wishuponabutterfly.com