Traveling butterfly exhibit

 Traveling Butterfly Exhibit

Butterfly exhibit

W alk among live butterflies in our traveling butterfly exhibit while the butterflies flutter around and even land on you.  Guests are able to hand feed  butterflies with our special nectar solution.  Experience the thrill as a live butterfly sits on your finger and nectars.  Wish Upon A Butterfly offers a traveling butterfly exhibit filled with hundreds of butterflies.  We are available for fairs, malls, etc.      Contact Wish Upon A Butterfly on how you can host a  exhibit at your location and to get a quote on the cost. Please fill out our form:

If outside, it needs to be on a flat surface, not on a hill, etc.
This helps us determine the size of an exhibit you will need.






Traveling Butterfly Exhibit

Butterfly Exhibit










For more information or to book a traveling butterfly exhibit Call 724-651-7496 or Send an Email